‘Healing Fibers’ exhibit: Between cultural appropriation and activism

The “Healing Fibers” exhibit on a recent Saturday night was a place to hear the silent cries of those who do not have a voice. The artwork displayed all incorporated fibers in some way, and highlighted the event’s theme of indigenous culture and activism using various perspectives from history, philosophy, aesthetics and politics.

To the editor: Pipelines under pressure in Massachusetts

“Today’s ‘natural’ gas is loaded with carcinogens injected during the fracking process. Should Spectra construct an extremely high-pressure pipeline which might leak or explode, Grafton assumes enormous risk while Texas-based Spectra benefits.”

In defense of democracy in the Age of Intimidation and Conformity

“It’s as if I’m going back to the Middle East. The fabric of the society is falling apart in front of me’.” A timely, through-provoking interview with Fulbright scholar and Worcester-based Syrian immigrant Bayda Asbridge, by fellow Worcester artist Charlotte Eckler. || Free to read!

Worcester Sun, Dec. 25-31: Mariano on Worcester’s helping hands, St. John’s Food for the Poor + much more

Sun columnist

Mariano: Supporting those in need helps make America great |  In Worcester, approximately 22 percent of our population lives below the poverty line. Statewide the number is a bit over 11 percent. For most, what they need is not a handout but a hand up. Ray Mariano looks to one of Worcester’s many social service agencies for a heartwarming holiday tale of helping. Sun Shine: A full helping of dignity with every visit to St.