Sina-cism: An integrity commission that has none

It is obvious — even to the president, I believe — that no electoral integrity commission is necessary. Why, then, has President Trump insisted upon one? It seems to me a toxic mix of petulance, a taste for divisiveness, and a serious misunderstanding of the responsibilities incumbent upon a president.

Mariano: If I ran for mayor

“I get that question — whether I am running for mayor — a great deal these days. Once I started writing a weekly column for Worcester Sun, the number of inquiries increased. But, first let me lay out what I would do if I ran for mayor and was successful.”

Editorial: Listen up! Your civic duty is not done

Voting is usually the last and only act of civic engagement during an election year. But this one is different. Boy, is it different. Moving the country forward this time requires more work. Read about what you can and should do to help.

Worcester Weekly, Nov. 1-7

If you’re thinking about not showing up to one of the city’s 43 polling places on Nov. 3, then I’m not sure we can be friends anymore. But before we part ways, check out what else is going on in the Woo this week.