The unbelievably true story of Augustine Kanjia continues … Part 16: Glen’s Long Road to Health

“My son was deteriorating. His time to live according to some doctors was getting shorter. We were worried, but we continued to pray and tried to give him courage.” With their son’s heart condition getting more concerning by the day, Augustine and Theresa finally arrange for the operations he needs. With the help of Chain of Hope and others, Glen receives care in England, while his father waits and worries from afar.

Part 13: Dangerous Investigative Journalism Begins

“There was risk involved in reporting in a country hostile to reporters. Contrary opinions and views were not acceptable. As I wrote more dangerous stories I became less safe.” Augustine, though, felt he had no choice but to put his life on the line — for his family and his future.

Augustine Kanjia

Part 5: The Soccer Match That Changed My Life

“I had the chance to choose between a private school and my journalism. The private school paid well and I had been deprived of salary for a long time. My situation was dangerous. Hardship was [pervasive]. I could not pay rent, so we were tossed from one house to another until I settled down at my new school. That too was unstable. The education secretary for the Catholic Mission used his influence to let them kick me out.” … Read more in the latest chapter of Augustine Kanjia’s unbelievably true story.