Activists argue racism, stereotypes fuel immigration debate

Representatives of immigrant advocacy groups called Monday for collective action in the face of negative stereotypes and a political power dynamic they said can stymie their agendas.

Sina-cism: Some lamentable signs of our times

“My fellow Americans, where to begin? The claims about race, women’s rights, science, and human sexuality are anodyne until you start asking questions, at which point it quickly becomes clear that the sign owners are claiming a moral high ground that is not nearly as broad as it might appear.”

Sina-cism: DACA’s demise clears way for real reform

“However much we may feel for anyone caught in the politics of DACA, the key issue is not their moral character or intent, or what becomes of them — it is finding a long-term solution to our immigration questions. Trump has rightly put immigration back with the legislative branch.”

QCC’s Pedraja among college leaders defending DACA

In a joint statement with the Boston Public Schools, the 15 public community college presidents in Massachusetts said they are committed to educating all who pass through their doors.

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Immigrants thrive as Worcester bucks nationwide labor crisis

Technology and automation were supposed to take over some of those jobs, and theoretically they can, but the prices to upgrade are out of reach for 95 percent of companies. This leaves society in a decades-long hole between a labor shortage and affordable robots.