Billy Breault

Mariano: The man nobody wants but every neighborhood needs

“He is loud and brash. His hair is long and unruly, and he wears a giant mustache that looks like a battering ram. … When he gets angry, and that is often, he looks like someone you want to avoid. Detractors call him a loudmouth, a bully and much worse.” In the first of a new series, Ray Mariano profiles Billy Breault, the Marshal of Main South.

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Mariano: My life with Jordan Levy

Jordan Levy is a Worcester original. Everyone who has ever voted for him, watched him speak on the floor of the City Council or listened to him on the radio has to admit that he is one of a kind.

Jordan Levy

Worcester Sun, Jan. 29-Feb. 4: Mariano on Jordan Levy, Aud thoughts, Carberry’s legacy + much more

Also, it’s all about that raise on Beacon Hill. Sinacola goes to Budapest (returns with more Trump perspective). Hitch goes to the museum (haven’t seen him since). And a Worcester State student leader chronicles the trials and triumph of a journey to D.C. for the historic inaugural in a free-to-read guest commentary. All that and much more in your Jan. 29-Feb. 4 Worcester Sun.