A Mother’s Journey: The sincerest form of thievery

“Imitating your creative heroes and entrepreneurs is hard not to do. It is most often the influence of others that sparks our own inner conversations about what is important to us as entrepreneurs and business owners. At some point, though, imitating turns into downright stealing.”

Worcester Sun, Feb. 12-18: Mariano tallies sanctuary city votes, tells us what he thinks + much more

Where do we start? How about in the future: What if … Worcester is back with a very legal alien returning home. Sinacola on immigration policy. Hitch on Worcester’s snow policy. A Sunday conversation with author Nick Duffy, a Grafton Hill up-and-comer. Nothing like a little Sun to burn off those winter blues — so here’s the Feb. 12-18 edition of Worcester Sun.

A Mother’s Journey [Part 28]: The great debate

“Many argue for better quality — to me, pushing out bad material, products or services into the market is uncalled for — while others support the notion that quantity — or market share — is the biggest component of success. Promotion, promotion, promotion! Putting your business out for the world to see is said to be the most effective way of launching a successful venture. I am a firm believer in that true success is one of equal balance: maintaining quality while producing the desired quantity. So, we’ll get there.” Giselle grapples with how best to grow her business.

Worcester Sun, Sept. 11-17: In this issue

Worcester takes the lead on early voting … and brothers from Doherty likely to become football stars. Richard Nangle and Joe Parello have the stories. We reflect on 9/11, Juan Gomez and CENTRO, and the Worcester Anti-Foreclosure Team. Another chapter in Giselle Rivera-Flores’s business-building journey, Gary Johnson, Aleppo, the drought and much more in your Sept. 11-17 Worcester Sun.

Worcester Sun, Aug. 28-Sept. 3: In this issue

Ryan Canuel just might be a force of nature, but we corralled him for a story on his fast-rising startup Petricore. We have news on Kevin Mensah and Holy Name football. Hitch takes a walk with John Fresolo, our editorial takes a walk to the school bus stop, and Sinacola runs headlong into the disruptive economy. All those and your regular favorites, including Giselle’s latest chapter and Worcester Weekly, in your Aug. 28-Sept. 3 Worcester Sun.