Mandell: Closing the book on Jane Week in Worcester

“Jane Jacobs offered us a different paradigm of development that is incremental, organic, holistic, small scale, and based on the talents and energy of locals. Some of the best examples of a taste of Jane are right here in the Canal District and in what I saw in full action on a [Jane Week] tour of Main South. Worcester is on the cusp of a true renaissance! Can’t you feel it in the air?”

Sun Serial: A Mother’s Journey | Part 21 — The momentum conundrum

“With Worcester Public Library kicking off its Summer Reading program this week, we feel especially inclined to continue pushing our Free Libraries Campaign. Thinking about the many children and adults lacking proper reading materials in their lives fires my motivation to keep going.” Giselle has some big decisions ahead, including saying goodbye to one of her proudest accomplishments along the way.