Ethics panel opens Rosenberg-Hefner inquiry

The six-member committee, including four Democrats and two Republicans, was empowered by the full Senate on Monday night to begin the investigation into Rosenberg, who stepped down as Senate president for the duration of the investigation with the hopes of returning to his post when it’s complete.

Editorial: Sexual abuse out of the shadows

Recent news stories — heartbreaking, angering and shocking — have shown us just how ugly, hidden and consequential sexual misconduct can be. The headlines will fade, but we hope the point has been soundly made that such behavior has never been acceptable, and is becoming less so.

On Beacon Hill: Sins of the husband [+video]

All other dealings on Beacon Hill last week got blocked out like an eclipse by the bombshell report in The Boston Globe that Senate President Stanley Rosenberg’s husband of one year, Bryon Hefner, had allegedly sexually assaulted at least four men. Plus, McGovern, Markey, marijuana money and tainted convictions.

On Beacon Hill: Bumping heads

House and Senate Ways and Means Chairs Rep. Jeffrey Sanchez and Sen. Karen Spilka managed to put aside their differences after weeks of stalemate and come to an agreement over legislation allocating the $129 million needed to shut the book on fiscal 2017. Plus, McGovern, Warren, Sanders, Moore and Murray’s legacy.

Watch: DeLeo, Rosenberg, Baker address sexual harassment allegations

The leaders of the House and Senate both acknowledged their offices have received complaints of sexual harassment occurring at the State House, but neither would blame a unique culture on Beacon Hill for the recent stories of women being abused by men in power.