Worcester’s affordable housing gap

Seventy-four percent of renters who made below $35,000 a year paid more than 30 percent of their income in rent and utilities. Only 21 percent of renters making above $35,000 had such a heavy rent burden.

Worcester’s low-income renters bear heavy burden

When it comes to rent affordability, Worcester as a whole is a fairly ordinary American city. But, also like other American cities, Worcester has some problematic trends in its rental markets.

For Worcester’s three-deckers, it’s an old story

In his recent inaugural address, Mayor Joseph M. Petty said, “As a city, we need to have a conversation about housing.” If the age of Worcester’s three-deckers is any indication, the mayor is absolutely right to make this a priority.

Vanita Gupta: Bipartisan congressional action required to prevent Census 2020 disaster

“The Census Bureau needs a steady and significant ramp-up in funding to test new technologies and procedures and to create an effective outreach and advertising campaign. However, the Trump administration’s budget request for next year is woefully inadequate. Necessary testing has already been cut back due to lack of sufficient funds.” The former Obama Administration official details what’s at stake.

Editorial: Making the best of a bad ranking

A recent ranking of the largest 150 U.S. cities placed Worcester dead last for people living with disabilities. Is the city truly the worst place in America to live with a disability? Perhaps not. WPI professor Roger Gottlieb says the ranking should still be a wakeup call for every community to assess its treatment of those with disabilities.

Editorial: Good news and bad about poverty in Worcester

Recent data released by the U.S. Census Bureau shows poverty overall is declining in Worcester. The data is not all good, though. A deeper look shows troubling increases among groups of a certain age and level of educational achievement.

Worcester Sun, Sept. 28: In this issue

WAFT, the Worcester Anti-Foreclosure Team, elicits strong feelings. And for good reason. The Sun spent several days taking an inside look at the grassroots organization — and just exactly how they help folks in need. Hitch takes another swing at John Fresolo. We have thoughts on poverty in Worcester. Inbox, state news and more in your Wednesday, Sept. 28, Worcester Sun.