Editorial: Investments big and small

Large-scale developments in downtown Worcester affirm the value we place in the city in which we live, work and play. But out of the limelight and without fanfare, development is happening throughout the city. We salute the developments that otherwise go unnoticed and lament the ones that got away.

Worcester Sun, Sept. 28: In this issue

WAFT, the Worcester Anti-Foreclosure Team, elicits strong feelings. And for good reason. The Sun spent several days taking an inside look at the grassroots organization — and just exactly how they help folks in need. Hitch takes another swing at John Fresolo. We have thoughts on poverty in Worcester. Inbox, state news and more in your Wednesday, Sept. 28, Worcester Sun.

Worcester Sun, Aug. 3: In this issue

Charlie Baker puts Massachusetts at the forefront of pay equity. MBTA deals with daunting deficit, solar power plans. Hitch on the drought and odd days in Worcester. Thoughts on ALS, UMass Medical School and the Ice Bucket Challenge. A full Inbox and two new must-read Free to Reads. This is your Wednesday, Aug. 3, Worcester Sun.