Randell: City Council talks Mount Carmel, keeps passing the buck

“I can’t argue that this is an important issue to many residents (and, it doesn’t hurt, many important people), but does the council really need to be heavily involved?” Bill Randell pinpoints councilors’ real “most important” job.

Randell: Cheers to another potential tool in Worcester’s tax battle

“My long-held hope is that instead of the same old, same old, the council would initiate work on each upcoming budget and not wait to make reactionary tax decisions. Maybe even tell the city manager they want a spending plan based on a tax levy they, themselves, recommend. I have some good news: It may actually happen this year, and it could be thanks to a councilor named Gaffney.”

Randell: OPEB contributions leave much to be desired

How do you feel about the city touting $2.1 million in contributions now knowing the liability increased more than $78 million in one year?” Bill Randell doesn’t feel great about it, that’s for sure. Find out why.

Worcester Sun, Dec. 7: Randell on what City Council needs to do next, PCBs thoughts + more

Legislative delays, medical safeguards high on legal marijuana to-do list |  “We’ve had discussions about delaying some of the dates to give us more time to fine tune the bill, and in the next few weeks we have to make final decisions on that,” Senate President Stanley Rosenberg said. Meanwhile, the Massachusetts Medical Society has shifted its focus from opposing legal pot to pressing for public health safeguards in the regulation of marijuana. Post-Trump, state business confidence index continues climb |  That bullishness, Associated Industries of Massachusetts and economists said, was driven in part by Donald Trump winning the presidency, despite uncertainty around the specific details of his campaign proposals. “The numbers certainly show a post-election bounce,” Sara Johnson, a senior research director at Global Economics, said. Sun commentary

Randell: Let’s spend a little more time on cutting expenses in Worcester |  “Don’t we owe it to those people who put all of this time and effort into the report to make sure some action is taken?

Randell: Worcester, we have a spending problem

There is nothing to cut in the city of Worcester? How about divesting in nonessential businesses that cost us millions of dollars per year.” Oh, and businessman and former PILOT task force member Bill Randell has a few other ideas, too.