Bill Randell

Randell: The possibilities of Sarasota … and Worcester

“Every year when we visit my in-laws in Boca Raton, we check out the real estate on the East Coast as far south as Miami and Fort Lauderdale north to West Palm, but never find anything we really like.” Wouldn’t you know it, Bill Randell’s pet project — Worcester Regional Airport — might have presented him with an eye-opening opportunity.

Randell: Don’t sleep on this big airline touching down in Worcester

It’s always fun to make a prediction on an up-and-coming player and have it pan out. A review of some recent picks starts with a big win for local businessman Bill Randell and for Worcester. In his regular Worcester Sun column in late September, he said Rectrix Aviation was poised for commercial service out of Worcester Regional. Three weeks later Rectrix announced plans for flights to Baltimore. Maybe we should check out his latest picks to click on Airport Hill.

Randell: Time’s up, let’s sell the DCU Center

“Now that we have finally been able to put away the important issues in the city, like dog parks, maybe we will be able to start making some hay preparing for Fiscal Armageddon — which is coming next year, or 2018 at the latest for the city of Worcester.” Fiscal Armageddon!! Bill says. Wonder what else he’s got to say?

Bill Randell

Bill Randell: #IHateTheWait does not fly at Worcester Regional Airport

For years, I have predicted that Worcester Regional Airport will become a major airport rivaling Manchester [New Hampshire] in the not-too-distant future. The only thing that has been holding back ORH was the instrument landing system, which is being upgraded and is expected to be operational next year. Local businessman Bill Randell makes his Worcester Sun debut.