Three-year City Council terms merit consideration

A new year is a good time to take a fresh look at old ways of doing things. A proposal to lengthen the term in office for future councilors from two years to three makes sense, so far. With further answers and exploration, in a few years Worcester could have a new election calendar.

Mariano: Ideas worth considering for Worcester

“It is important that city officials focus on the day-to-day operation of our city departments – on routine services, both big and small, that we receive. Many departments do a good job, but all of them can do better. Here are a few ideas worth considering.”

A cleaner city is at your fingertips

A little extra care loading the recycling bin would help a lot in keeping litter where it belongs, especially on windy days. And when trash does get loose, please pick it up — even if it’s not “yours” — because those eyesores are everybody’s.