Mariano: Area Trump supporters have their say

“I often ask myself: How could anyone support this guy? What kind of a person would support someone who, to me, was such a ‘total disaster?’ … So I contacted my friends (who support Trump) and asked them to tell me why they supported Trump.”

On Beacon Hill: Heavy is the head that wears the crown

“In Massachusetts, being ranked number one is unlikely to be enough, just like five Super Bowl rings on Tom Brady’s right hand couldn’t stop parade-goers last month from chanting: ‘We want six’.”  Plus, Healey, Murray, McGovern, video and more.

On Beacon Hill: Got a light? Burning issues and simmering feuds

Besides legal marijuana, a budget morass and 2018 re-election, Gov. Charlie Baker has his plate full dealing with a new White House administration that challenges, on a near daily basis, his desire to remain above the fray, and getting a new Supreme Judicial Court nominee confirmed by a Governor’s Council that increasingly makes Congressional infighting look like child’s play.

Sina-cism: Hating Trump no substitute for a real policy

“While I don’t believe that most of those protesting Trump’s orders favor open borders, neither do they seem to have spent much time thinking about what a rational immigration policy should include.” Luckily for them, Chris Sinacola has a few ideas.